CAP Training Centres

Cap Training is an approved Training centre  offering  various courses that lead to National recognised awards under the recently introduced Credit Qualification Framework (CQF). 

The framework is at the heart of a major reform of the vocational qualifications system designed to make the whole system simpler to understand and use and more inclusive. 

In addition to the main centre based in Slough, Berkshire, Cap Training has satellite locations across the country.

Through partnerships with Employers  Cap Training ensures that the trainees are offered employment opportunities in Social and Healthcare, Community/Housing support, Security (SIA) and Admin and clerical sectors. 

Our experienced training professionals are sector and subject experts who ensure qualifications offered are far more relevant to the needs of employers and more flexible and accessible for learners

DBS (CRB) check-without updating service
To work with the vulnerable group, you are required to be DBS checked.
Fire safety Training
This course comprehensively covers the whole field of fire training, including evacuation and drills. Fully compliant with all related legislation, this online training resource addresses your legal obligations, induction, refresher, vocational and management training needs.
First Aid Awareness
All health and social care workers should be "first aid aware" (legally different to being a "first aider"). This course is ideal for first aid awareness training, management awareness, first aider refreshing, vocational training. It is the perfect first aid awareness course for induction and, for that purpose, is compliant with current legislative requirements.
Health and Safety
This is legally compliant, health and social care specific health and safety training brought to you online. We genuinely believe, it beats any safety training you've experienced before.
Moving and Handling Assessment
Unfortunately, a lot of handling assessment training creates an unnecessary mountain of paperwork - not this course! This course is, probably, the most straightforward (and, possibly, most sensible) training in health and social care related handling assessment you will have experienced, whether online or otherwise. It is legally compliant and specifically developed for health and social care settings.
Moving and Handling -Theory
This course is specifically for health and social care providers. Whilst the emphasis is upon people handling situations, the principles are completely appropriate for non-people handling situations too. Good handling theory training needs to be delivered before practical safe handling courses, this course helps you do that.
Risk Assessment
We're convinced this course will help you understand how straightforward risk assessment can be in order to satisfy legal requirements. The course takes you, step by step, through the risk assessment process in a clear and logical manner. You will know how to spot, record, report and manage risks in order to prevent harm.
Hand Hygiene Training
Since hands are the most common cause of spreading infection, hand hygiene needs teaching in all health and social care situations. Promoting internationally best known practice, it is specifically designed to motivate health and social care workers to improve their hand hygiene.
Infection Control
Not only is this course fully standards compliant, it promotes best known international practices in the control of infection. The course is easy to follow, interestingly put across and straightforward to understand.
Nutrition and Diet
Quality care provision means health and social care workers need to understand the vital importance of nutrition and diet in care provision. This comprehensive course promotes healthy eating as part of an individual's well being within health and social care situations.
Patient Care
Continence Promotion
This course will help you actively promote an individual's continence and make a huge positive difference to their life. It is the most comprehensive online continence training available. Training that people can understand and can put into practice immediately. The course helps people understand the causes, prevention and management of continence issues, without sidestepping important issues.
Dementia care
This dementia care training course covers all you need to know in an interesting and informative way, just what you're looking for. Whether for newcomers to providing dementia care or those with considerable experience, this course will be just as useful. If it is for induction, vocational, refresher or management training, this is a course you will find invaluable.
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Under current legislation, you should ensure that no person receiving a health or social care service from you has their liberty unlawfully deprived, hence the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (often referred to as DOLS). This DOLS course is not only the most comprehensive online option available to you, it's the most well put across and the most affordable.
Palliative care-Dying, Death and Bereavement
A course that trains health and social care workers to support a dying person physically and emotionally. It addresses death itself, its consequences and how to cope with those consequences. This course openly addresses some practical matters (which we know you want addressed) that may be put aside in other training courses.
Mental Capacity
Working properly with people who may lack what is known as, "mental capacity" is expected of health and social care providers, which requires training. This course makes mental capacity straightforward to understand and work with, in a legally compliant manner. Thorough and informative, it is put across in plain language, which makes is easy to understand.
Person Centred Care
It's a refreshingly information-filled course with lots of practical guidance on day-to-day person centred care in health and social care situations. Whether for induction, vocational, refresher or management training, this is medication administration training you will want to use time after time.
Principles of Care
The course will help health and social care workers learn what not to do and why because it is easy to understand and specific to their working situations. It also includes a section specifically about confidentiality.
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (Adult Abuse)
This training material intentionally seeks to challenge the views, attitudes and practices surrounding adult abuse. In plain English, the resources meet and exceed the expectations of care standards and really promote best practice to protect vulnerable adults. These are definitive adult abuse training resources, produced to engage with people being trained, educate them and motivate them to prevent abuse and neglect in any care setting.
Personal Development
DBS (CRB) check-with updating service
Diversity and Equality
This course will help you understand fair and balanced approaches to delivering health or social care in ways that properly reflect diversity and equality. It is a practical, sensible, mature and understandable explanation of the issues and how to work with those issues on a day to day basis.
Effective Communicating-verbal/speak words
Covering verbal, non-verbal and behavioural communication, this training will make a real difference in people's ability to communicate effectively within health and social care settings. Colleagues will genuinely understand the importance of communication and are given active guidance on how to communicate more effectively, in person centred ways.
Record Keeping- Effective Communicating in writing
Records in health and social care settings may be required as legal documents, one reason why anyone completing or using records needs to know how to use them, properly. Written communication (record keeping) does need to be taught, this course will do exactly that for you in an easy to understand and easy to put into practice way.
Safe Administration of Medicines
Satisfying current standards, this course will help you get medication administration right, first time, every time. Put across logically, in bite size pieces, people understand it, learn from it and can put best medication practices into daily use.
Supervision / Appraisal
You should be able to demonstrate that anyone who supervises or appraises someone else has been properly trained to do so. This course is designed to give people supervising or appraising the confidence to do so through having learned the necessary skills.
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